Mild Relaxer $150-$400  
Smooths out and gently relaxes natural wave by using Liscio professional straightening system which works to maintain healthy hair with its formaldehyde free formula. Treatment does not create “pin-straight” hair results, recommended to reduce blow drying time and managing volume. We do not offer Japanese Straightening or Brazilian Keratin Blow Out.


Deep Conditioning Treatments (Strength/Moisture/Shine) $60-$80
Strength: Repairs hair from the inside out with deep treatment that is customized according to hair type and damage. Essential proteins and revitalizing ingredients target structural damage caused by coloring, chemical processing, heat styling, sun exposure and chlorine. Can be combined with chemical or color services for extra damage control, manageability and radiance.

Moisture: Done immediately after your color service to help lock in moisture and color. Moisture in healthy hair is held by a key component called Cell Membrane Complex, which also serves as a passageway for hair color to reach deep inside the hair. Repeated coloring damages the CMC, causing dull, dry and brittle hair that loses color quickly. This CMC-repairing treatment restores ideal moisture levels, making hair color even more long-lasting and vibrant.

Shine: Instantly improves the texture of dry, frizzy hair with a luxurious coat of shine that does not feel heavy or greasy. Treatment is formulated according to hair type (fine, normal, coarse) and incorporates refreshing aromatherapeutic scents. Includes a take-home kit to maintain silky smooth hair for up to 5 weeks. Can be combined with blowout or color service. Tames hair for better manageability in between chemical services. 


Scalp Treatment $60
Just like the skin on our face, the scalp also needs a regular “facial” to unclog dirt, excess oil and product build-up. However, it is often difficult to achieve this by simple shampooing at home. Scalp care is often ignored but actually very important in maintaining healthy hair growth and preventing premature hair loss. This treatment will restore balance and vitality to the scalp and leave you feeling completely refreshed.