Commune at KRASI: Brooklyn Salon Rebrands as a Lifestyle Company and Coffee Shop

Brooklyn, New York – August 1, 2015 – Williamsburg hair salon and gift shop transforms into “umbrella” lifestyle brand KRASI, providing everyday comforts befitting of the Brooklynite’s daily routine with an all-in-one hair salon, home décor retail space and coffee shop. Having recently relocated to 185 Roebling Street, the local business has built a large following since its opening 10 years ago around the corner at its original address on Grand Street. Owner Aki Serita aims to connect her customers with local artisans and “create a space that feels comfortable and connected to creativity.”

Formerly Commune Salon & Gift, Commune at KRASI is a home-focused retail space and relaxing hair salon. When the salon first opened in 2004, Williamsburg was on the cusp of an artist loft renaissance and becoming New York’s premiere commercial destination. Serita, rooted in her sense of community and native Japanese culture, always felt the importance of individual attention to her customers as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere of her salon. The gift component of Commune comes from her enthusiasm for working with small businesses and understanding the designers’ feeling of their often hand-made, one of a kind product, conveying their message personally to her customers.

Under the lifestyle brand KRASI (pronounced “ku-ra-shi”), Serita extracts the Japanese sense of hospitality and gift-giving to her business concept. Meaning “living” or “lifestyle” in Japanese, KRASI adapts to fill a niche for Brooklynites and visitors alike who seek a local and reliable spot for everyday necessities.

Following a “no-frills” natural, simple aesthetic, Commune is constructed in a “railroad” style layout; the salon, retail space and soon-to-open coffee shop are each divided by soft cream-colored framed windows. Collaborating with longtime friend and business partner, designer Yoshiaki Takao, the new location hopes to foster innovative experience and leisure as well as cater to a fast-paced, hip crowd of Brooklyn commuters. KRASI’s newest coffee shop installment will serve sustainable fair-trade coffee by a Brooklyn-based micro-roaster while alternating the food menu to give each day surprising and delightful options.

Commune opened on January 25th and will add home oriented merchandise in the upcoming seasons; the coffee shop has been operating as a soft open since mid-June. 



Meina Naeymirad